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This is a very irritating situation when you stick with your Lexmark printer paper jamming errors. It affects productivity, particularly when you are working on a tight schedule or dealing with your important business. There are many reasons for this error like torn, incompatible and wrinkled and dump paper. These errors are very irritating, they are come from time to time but by following some certain things, this difficulty can be solved as much as possible. Lexmark printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626 are available, so eliminating the jammed paper issue is an easy procedure in this printer. But if you are a new user and don’t know how to solve this problem, do not worry our online Lexmark Printer Support team is available 24*7 to help you to solve this error easily. Follow some important instructions given below to solve this error:-

  • Click on “Power” button to turn off Lexmark Printer.
  • Then disconnect the power source from the main.
  • Now you have to open the device body gently.
  • Then draw out the stack cautiously.
  • If it is stuck in the drawer, then you need to try to pull out it lightly.

If you are not able to apply this action, you need technical assistance then you can connect with our Lexmark printer support number +1-844-881-6626 to get proper technical assistance immediately.

If the stack isn’t seen, then raise the scanner to access the sheet. You have to be confirmed that you have removed all the torn and trapped piece of paper.

You have to put the sheet of papers on the flat surface and make it in the appropriate condition, confirm that paper you are using compatible with your printer. Also, this should be in the same size and type.

You have to close the scanner and reload the sheet. Push lightly to place papers in the acceptable position. Now you have to turn on the device and reprint the documents once more. Now, it works properly and provides sensible print quality.

All above explained steps are the basic instructions by the experienced printer technicians. But it could be other issues for this error. If your problem still not solved with this procedure explained, you can take help from printer experts. Just by dialing toll-free Lexmark printer phone number +1-844-881-6626 you can connect with our trained and experienced printer technicians to get instant technical support for any problem. This toll-free number is the best option for you to get instant assistance.

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