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Epson printer customer support number is one of the best printers that provides outstanding services and gives amazing printing experience. But what if you encountered with Epson printer error code 0x69? Well, no problem, as this error code is mainly caused by an obstacle inside the printer.

Users can get rid of this problem by dialing Epson printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626. for help and assistance. If any problem or technical error arises, you can talk with the skilled and most dependable providers for support. Our experts and talented professionals completely remove existing problems in Epson printer whenever needed.

The reason behind this error may be because of cartridge cover has not been closed properly.

Follow these steps for eliminating this error completely:


Step 1: First   Open the printer lid.

Step2: Checks all cartridges that are installed correctly

Step 3: Now push it gently into place

Step4: Now close the cartridge cover,

If the Error   Message   still same after applying the above steps, you can follow these steps. Such like:

Step1: Turn the printer off

Step 2: Disconnect the power and USB cable if connected

Step 3: Open the printer cover and check for any torn or jammed paper

Step 4: Remove it carefully

Step5: Check for any other debris around the roller

Step 6: Print head and carriage area such as a buildup of dust or dirt, plastic pull tabs

Step 7: Remove from the printer carefully

Step 8: Connect the printer to the power supply and initialize as normal

These steps will help you in completely removing all error codes perfectly. You can follow easy steps for any issues and errors. We can remove all your Epson printer errors completely through our Epson printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626. Just call on our toll-free number.  Feel free to contact us for all issues and concerns. We are available 24*7 to help you anytime and anywhere.

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