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Wi-Fi connectivity issues in printers are very common and it happens sometimes. It’s not a big problem; it would be wise to fix this problem immediately if you ever face it. This is a very well-known problem in HP printers and it can be solved if the proper steps are taken. Usually, it gets solved after restarting the printer, router, and computer. But in some cases, you are needed to carry out more steps or methods to tackle the issues. You will also get the help and assistance you need by contacting HP Printer customer support number +1-844-881-6626 and talking to the certified professional remotely.

There are 3 ways to handle this issue if you ever face it.

Method 1: Restart your computer, printer and the router.

This is one of the most common troubleshooting methods you will find to resolve this issue.

  • First, you need to restart the computer.
  • Then unplug the power cables from the printer and turn it off. Wait for 30 sec and turn it on and plug it again.
  • Now on the router. Unplug the cables and like the rest, wait for some half minute and plug it back on.

Method 2: Disabling the antivirus/ firewall.

Availability of antivirus or a firewall in your system can lead to a connectivity issue with the printer. This is because this antivirus software may restrict the connection of the printer to the computer. So, disable it till the time you are done with your printing work is recommended.

Method 3: Problem with the hardware.

Check your computer and printer for any hardware issue because this may result in connectivity problem with the Wi-Fi. Run a hardware diagnostics on your computer to pinpoint the root issue of the hardware problem.

These are some best steps or check-ups you can do to resolve Wi-Fi issue on your HP printer. If you can still see traces of the issue, you can talk to the technicians at HP Printer Phone Number +1-844-881-6626 to get customized assistance from certified employees.

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