Canon is a Japanese multinational company which is headquartered in Ōta, Tokyo. Starting out as a company which primarily manufactures cameras in 1933, they eventually branched out to manufacture other products such as printers, portable flashes, calculators, lenses etc. One of their most loved products is the Printers. Printers came as a boon for all those office people and also at home for students. Having a good quality printer would ensure that all your family’s printing needs are taken care of.

Canon printers share a major share of 24% of the worldwide market at the end of the year 2018. Their great customer service and great built quality is the reason for this market share.

The technology used in Canon Printers

The Canon printers are equipped with a special technology called the Canon Advanced Printing Technology (CAPT). This is the printer driver-software used in the canon printers. With this cutting-edge technology, the Canon printers have a very useful feature which differentiates it from other printer manufacturers. This feature enables the Canon printers to use less memory consumption, thereby making the printers require less memory. The software also increases the data transfer rate, which gives great quality printing.

What are the types of Printers manufactured by Canon?

The Canon manufactures inkjet printers, laser, and even monochrome printers. Their inkjets are commonly called as bubblejets. They also have photo printers which use the special thermal-dye sublimation technology. In these types of printers, the ink is transferred from ink cartridge to the paper with the use of heat.  Here is the list of printer types by Canon.

  1. Inkjet – Single Function, Multi-function, Black and White laser, Mega Tank Inkjet Printers.
  2. Laser – Single Function, Color Laser.
  3. Mobile & Compact Printer
  4. Crafting Printers
  5. Small Office / Home Office Printers
  6. Océ Large Format Scanners

Overall, the Canon printers with a wide of printers are definitely the best choice for a home as well as office use.

Some of the common printer problems that we help you solve swiftly

  1. The common print-head error.
  2. Connectivity issues between your printer and the computer.
  3. Printer driver updating/installation.
  4. Visibility of Vertical and Horizontal lines in the printed paper.
  5. Unable to use some printer features.

For any Canon printer support contact us and get a better solution for your Printer.