Dell Printers

In 1984, a company which was selling IBM PC – Compatible computers saw the opportunity in the growing computer market and the demand among consumers for this electronic good. Dropping out from his University (University of Texas), the founder and CEO of Dell, Michael Dell started to fully concentrate on his booming business with the capital help of $1000 from his family. He started to sell his own line of custom made computers for his consumers. His innovations did not end with just manufacturing the personal computers, his unique approach of advertising them in the magazines got him, numerous customers. Within just a year he made a whopping profit of $73 Million.

Even when the industry was facing a decrease in average selling price, Dell’s average selling price was going up. This came as a result of Dell’s internet site which took off in 1996 and 97. The customer who wanted a powerful computer with more features and not much technical support went on to buy Dell. This Texas technology giant eventually became most loved and sought after brand.

Today Dell sells numerous electronic brands such as computers, laptops, servers, monitors, and very common and famous printers.

The Types of Printer they manufacture and sell

The Dell Printers manufacture different types of printers ranging from inkjet, monochrome and even laser printers. The difference between the inkjet and laser printer lies in the ink cartridges. The inkjet uses the ink and blending it smoothly on the paper comes vivid colors. Whereas, the laser printers use toner which is very cost efficient. In short, the inkjet printers are used for low or nominal printing requirements and laser printers are used where high printing volume is needed.

Inkjet Printers
Color Laser Printers
Black & White Laser Printers
Mono Laser Printers

Technology Used in the Dell Printers

The Dell printers use the latest technology in them. They have the wireless printing feature, ink levels feature and many more. One of the amazing features in some Dell printers is the Duplex printing. This feature allows the users to print on both sides of the paper at the same time. Other than the few basic printers, all the other printers come with scanning, copying, and fax features.

Some of the common printer problems that we help you solve swiftly:

  1. Noisy printer
  2. Toner Installation
  3. Unable to use some printer features.
  4. Connectivity issues between your printer and the computer.
  5. Printer driver updating/installation.
  6. Visibility of Vertical and Horizontal lines in the printed paper.
  7. Print-head error.

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