Kodak Printer

Kodak is a historic company established by George Eastman in 1888. The company initially concentrated on photographic electronic goods slowly spread its wings to other parts to become an electronically diverse company. If a person thinks about the SLR camera, the immediate thing that flashes before their eyes is the film roll. Kodak is a specialist in that and is the first ever company to invent this.

Their History of Printing Business

Kodak started off their printers with the first ever printer which would print Photos in the 2000s. This was an instant hit which led to the digital printers in the later years. Slowly they started to branch out and manufactured inkjet printers which were capable to be an all-in-one printer solution. With the best class user interface with an LCD screen on the printer, the Kodak All-in-One printers became a household name among Kodak’s product. With a profusion scanner, copier and printing facilities, these printers are a great option for family and office use.

The technology used By Kodak in these Printers

Kodak is a giant in the field of manufacturing printers. One of the best feature or even a characteristic of their printers is the ideology behind it. Their whole business model is one which takes so much care of the product itself and makes the longevity of the product high as well as the expenditure on the product after buying very minimal. They take so much care that even if their product can be on the pricey side, the accessories such as ink cartridges will be easily buy-able.

Some Common Printer issues are

  • Unable to configure settings on several networks.
  • Unable to use some printer features.
  • Kodak Printer errors
  • Unable to print photos

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